The Pyramid At Grand Oasis Cancun

While in Cancun, my mother and I had the privilege of staying at the resort called The Pyramid at Grand Oasis. It is located at Km 16., Blvd. Kukulcan 5, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico.  This resort has been recently updated according to some research I did online in the past year. I fell in love with the way that it looked. It is very unique, unlike any other hotel or resort that Ive stayed at. Its uniqueness is focused more on the shape of the resort. The resort is in a shape of a pyramid, hence, the name Pyramid. Ive never seen a resort or hotel in that particular shape yet in my life.

At this resort you will find multiple of activities to do and places to eat. I cannot vouch for some activities or restaurants because i havent had the chance to try to them since i went for only 8 days. There are formal restaurants which means you would have to dress formally. There are buffets as well. There are 31 restaurants to chose from all together. Also there are 25 bars as well.

This resort is all inclusive, meaning everything there, the food, restaurants and bars and most activities are free to consume. The package that my mother purchased was approximately 1500 dollars per person and this included your airfare and the all inclusive resort. The things that were not free was basically the gift shop and some activities such as golf equipment and the spa. There is also a casino and a nightclub that is in the resort and for these you would also use your own money to use.

As a all-inclusive resort, each guest would get to wear a bracelet. Colors determine which level of highness you are. For example, the black bracelet,which we had, was the highest you can go and the gold one which were members of the resort. Black bracelet have higher priority than the other two colors that i saw. The pink and blue bracelets were the two other bracelets. I am not sure on what the other two could do with those bracelets but i know they didnt have rooms in the pyramid itself but on the other accompanied buildings.

There are eleven activities that you could indulge in. There is a gym where you can take classes and just work out in. There are yoga and pilates classes in the morning on particular days. There are water/aquatic sports you could try which include water volleyball and water exercise which run everyday. You can participate in beach sports everyday. Also there is zumba for all of those who enjoy that. There are even classes on instructions on how to make cocktails. This is just some examples of the activities. Unfortunately i didnt really have the time to indulge in these activities even though i really wanted to.

Some warnings about this place is that its main purpose in this resort is entertainment. People had the kids with them but i dont think its really family orientated. However, there is a kids club for your little ones. As stated before it is an entertainment resort which means at night its really loud due to the many concerts they have going on in the main lobby of the pyramid. So if you really want to actually sleep well, then this place might not be for you. At night they have the red circus company perform there every night of the week so they dont really finish performance until well after midnight.

Overall, this resort is worth the money in my opinion. I really enjoyed my stay here. There are various things to do on this location that it doesnt even require you to go out to town for the fun. Unless you would want to see the surrounding areas which is completely up to you.




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