I’ve had the opportunity this year to travel to Cancun, Mexico. Its a very exciting time for me, as I am still currently in Cancun right now.  It is unbelievably hot here. It can get up to 87 degrees Fahrenheit during the mid-April season. Much warmer than say the new England part of the USA. I live in Massachusetts so its only like in the 50s during this time. Something I’m not used to.

Here’s a little about Cancun. Cancun is a very touristic city in Mexico. It is filled with hotels on its coasts. There’s a bunch of shops and mexican outlets to look into. I will discuss sightseeing later on. Cancun is a city located in the southeastern part of Mexico. It is located on the Caribbean Sea.

Some interesting facts about Cancun:

  • is that its original name was Nizuc. It was called that by its Mayan inhabitants which translates into “points of grass”.
  • On January 23,1970, Cancun was first starting to develop its resorts.

Hope that all of you get a chance to visit this beautiful city in your lifetime! If you get a chance to do so, you will not regret it. I will write a post on other information about my trip regarding my hotel resort, traveling and sighteseeing later in my following blogs. Adios for now amigos!



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